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We are about helping women and families have the births that they want and deserve. We provide full-spectrum doula services and with-women support for Swansboro and Jacksonville, NC and surrounding areas. We can attend hospital and home births. Doulas provide emotional, physical (including natural pain management techniques), mental, and sometimes spiritual support. We are your advocates for the birth that YOU want. We are here to provide an array of pregnancy and childbirth informational resources and services. Our focus is on women-centered support, hand-made art, and services provided from the heart. We are believers in birth and in women's ability to birth. We support the rights of women and their families. Please read through our About Us and our Services pages to learn more about what we stand for and what we offer to the Eastern North Carolina area (some services provided long-distance). If you have any questions, requests, or inquiries feel free to contact us by e-mail, phone, or Facebook!

Brightest Blessings,

Aileen Peterson LMBT [#11913]


Artisan Crafter & With-Women Priestess

UPDATE:: 3/13/15

We are changing locations and changing names! See the "Contact Us" Page for more information and updated contact information.

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A Note...

I am a full-spectrum birth worker, providing support no matter what choices you make, and regardless of the outcome of your pregnancy. I can provide support and information regarding pregnancy termination, miscarriage, adoption, fertility/infertility, death/loss and home funerals, surrogacy, and much more.

I attended school and am currently licensed in the state of NC for massage. I trained through La Matrona School of Quantum Midwifery to be a Holistic Doula and am currently a student of midwifery.

**We do not discriminate against mixed couples, LGBTQ individuals or couples, single mothers, teen mothers, low-income families, religious/spiritual preference, non-English speakers, disabilities, or anything else. **

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We have been featured over at Pagan Families in their Birth Guardians series. Check it out!


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