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Mama Oceana (originally Mother Earth Birth) is the creative-child of Aileen Peterson, a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of NC and Certified Holistic Doula. She has been passionate about natural pregnancy and childbirth since the birth and loss of her first son in 2009. That experience set her on the path towards eventual midwifery and has opened her to the world of returning birth to the mother and the family, natural pregnancy, freebirthing, women-centered care and support, and doulas. She considers herself a "birth activist". She received her massage license in March of 2012 after completing her training in 2011. She recently received her Certificate of Prenatal Massage Therapy. She loves photography and crafting art, especially related to pregnancy and birth. This has led to her desire to offer these kinds of services to the women and families of her community in Eastern NC. Aileen is also a "With-Women Priestess" and can provide services in that area, but she does not press or offer 'spiritual' or otherwise 'religious' types of services except upon request in order to not intrude on each family's personal spiritual or religious choices/beliefs, and can help families craft ceremonies based around their personal spiritual practices. Aileen is also very key on sharing information and is constantly researching different topics, many controversial, related to the natural family and birthing world and is more than willing to share any information she may have by request. She attended a doula workshop taught by the midwife Whapio Bartlett of La Matrona School of Quantum Midwifery located in Asheville, NC in 2013 and received her Holistic Doula certification. She also writes a blog on radical midwifery which can be found here: http://spiritualmidwifery.wordpress.com 

Doula: (Pronounced: Doo-luh, with emphasis on first syllable)
A person (usually woman) who provides assistance to a woman during childbirth in three specific areas, providing: 1) emotional support, 2) physical comfort, and 3) information

Community Outreach: Informed Families of NC

We are associated with a local group made up of moms who are also birth workers striving to help give other local women access to multiple resources to help them to make fully-informed decisions in regards to themselves and their families. We provide resources on a wide range of topics including but not limited to: routine interventions, their risks and their alternatives; babywearing; VBACs; vaccinations; fertility awareness and family planning; nutrition; alternative modes of schooling; and more. We also have a page dedicated to local resources and providers.

Our website is: http://informedfamiliesnc.webs.com/
Our Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/InformedFamiliesNC

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Community Outreach: "Adopt a Mom" Program

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We're Featured!

We have been featured over at Pagan Families in their Birth Guardians series. Check it out!