• New name and a new logo! Copyright 2013.
    New name and a new logo! Copyright 2013.
  • Doing henna on a Blessingway party guest.
    Doing henna on a Blessingway party guest.
  • One of the first placenta bowls I ever made.
    One of the first placenta bowls I ever made.
  • BellyHenna at a Blessway party.
    BellyHenna at a Blessway party.
New name and a new logo! Copyright 2013.
New name and a new logo! Copyright 2013.

Products & Services

Mama Oceana: With-Women Services offers an assortment of products, support, and services. We provide:
  • Massage for the childbearing year ((Currently offered only for free in packages until license is renewed)).
  • Birth, miscarriage, abortion, adoption & conception (full-spectrum) doula support
  • Post-Partum "Nurturing the Mother" Services
  • Traditional Nutrition Support for Fertility, Pregnancy, & the Post-Partum Mother
  • Mentoring for “Relief of the Common Complaints of Pregnancy”
  • Herbal Tinctures *Available Soon*

  • Placenta Medicine, &/or Referrals to Placenta Encapsulation Specialists
  • Henna and BellyHenna 
  • Belly Casts 
  • Wombyn & Birth-Inspired Art & Jewelry
  • BellyHenna Photography, & Referrals to Local Professional Birth & Postpartum Photographers
  • Personalized and hand-crafted "placenta bowls"
  • Information on and/or kits for cord burning
  • Myth Mending (Trauma Resolution) Sessions
  • With-Women Priestess services throughout the childbearing year
  • Help with planning various ceremonies (such as Blessingway or Placenta Ceremony)

More detailed descriptions and pricing for each is provided below. 
Packages are available as are payment plans. Contact us for more information!
**Coming Soon!** Holistic Childbirth Education Classes and Traditional Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy, & The Postpartum-- Local and Virtual Options to be Made Available. Keep checking back for more information!
**We do not discriminate against mixed couples, LGBTQ individuals or couples, single mothers, teen mothers, low-income families, religious/spiritual preference, non-English speakers, or anything else. **

Full-Spectrum Doula Services

Our current doula has just recently attended the Holistic Doula workshop taught by midwife Whapio Bartlett of La Matrona School of Quantum Midwifery and has received her certification. (Doulas do not need to be certified to provide services but most do obtain some kind of certification). Our doula service fee is $300 plus any other service fees that you may want (see below). However, based on the financial situation per each individual client this fee may be reduced on a sliding scale (there is an application). We do not want finances to keep you from having the birth you want or the help of the birth partner that you want. Payment plans are available if paying upfront in full is not an option. Financial need will be discussed with each client on a case-by-case basis. Our doula is also more than happy to attend with other doulas as well, as either the primary or secondary doula or as a back-up. If attending with another doula, a discount is provided. 

Our doula is available on-call 24/7 for the 2 weeks leading up to your delivery to attend you at home, at the hospital, and answer any questions you may have (unless of course you go into labor before then and she is needed)-- she is available to answer any questions or perform research for you at any point during your pregnancy. She is also availabe to talk with you about any questions you may have during 6-weeks postpartum and is now offering a small selection of post-partum services (see below). Our doula has learned some about the ancient use of rebozos during labor, and was trained to be able to non-invasively asses the progress of labor. She is also able to assess lacerations (tears and sutures) for infection, and can provide SITZ baths and herbal healing remedies for them in the post-partum (see below). She has a wealth of information on hand and is determined to find information for anything that may come up that she doesn't have information on and to provide it to families for their own use and to help their knowledge base to grow. This information varies widely from common prenatal testings and their alternatives, families' rights, routine newborn procedures and vaccines, alternative methods of labor and birth with articles and scientific studies backing them up, and so much more. 


Our doula believes that all women should be supported in their choices, hence why she also offers Pregnancy Release mentoring and support [[this is a term that I coined to include all forms of releasing or ending a pregnancy, whether consciously deciding to end a pregnancy, assisting the body if needed during a spontaneous termination, or assisting the body during a later-term fetal demise]] as well as adoption and bereavement support. Please contact us for more information. These services are offered on a sliding scale and through volunteering.

Post-Partum "Nurturing the Mother"

In the Post-Partum we currently are offering or will be offering soon:

  •  Bellybinding information and support
  •  Warming Herbs Belly Paste
  •  Herbal Sitz Baths & Herbal Yoni Steam Baths
  •  Massage
  •  Closing Rituals
  •  Placenta Burial Rituals
  •  Birth Story Writing

**Please contact us for what is currently available and for more information, pricing, and package deals

Massage Therapy

**Presently unlicensed as of December 31, 2013 but in the process of renewal** Massages are currently only included as a free addition to Package Plans

Aileen is a licensed massage therapist (LMBT) and a certified prenatal massage therapist (CPMT) in the state of North Carolina and can provide massage services prior to delivery, during pregnancy, during labor to help relaxation and with pain management if desired, and during the postpartum. 

[NC License #11913]

Massage packages and Massage-Doula packages are available.


1 hr Table- Swedish: $65... Prenatal: $75 
30 min Chair: $55... Prenatal only to a certain gestation point (usually before 5-6 months) before it is unwise (and uncomfortable) to perform a chair massage. 
30 minute Foot Massage (including foot bath): $45

Traditional Nutrition Support for Fertility, Pregnancy, & The Post-Partum Mother

**Course Coming Soon!

Radical nutrition support based on the work of Weston A. Price and Sally Fally, author of "Nourishing Traditions", for ensuring fertility, healthy pregnancy, and healthy mom and baby in the post-partum. 

*Contact us for one-on-one mentoring*

Herbal Tinctures

**Coming Soon!

We will be offering a line of herbal tinctures made using organic, wildcrafted, or otherwise sustainably harvested herbs:

  •  Painful Moontime (dysmenorrhea) Remedy
  •  Wild Yam Tincture
  •  Red Raspberry Leaf Tincture
  •  Shepherd's Purse Tincture

And potentially more as we go along.

Placenta Medicine

Information On, Services, & Referrals--

  • Placenta "remedies" (homeopathy)
  • Placenta Tinctures
  • Various other methods of placenta preparations such as fermenting, charring, and encapsulation.
  • Placenta Encapsulation Specialist referrals
  • Placenta readings

**Contact us for Pricing

Henna Art & Henna Parties

Our doula is a henna artist and can provide BellyHenna for expectant mothers prior to birth either privately or for a babyshower or blessingway party/ceremony. The use of henna during pregnancy has been a tradition for thousands of years throughout multiple cultures. More information and pricing can be provided upon request.

Mom-to-Be BellyHenna: $55; $75 with photographs done (CD provided, no prints).

           ~Henna sessions come with a complimentary foot wash and ten minute foot massage

Babyshower/Blessingway Henna Party: Please contact us for details. 

Blessingway Ceremony

Blessingways are personalized ceremonies that unlike traditional baby showers are mother-centered instead of baby-centered. Blessingways honor and celebrate the mother-to-be and are used as a ritual to mark her transition into motherhood.

Blessingway ceremonies can be used as an important ritual to mark important transitions in a woman’s life such as:

  • Starting menstrual cycle
  • Getting married
  • Becoming a mother
  • Losing a child
  • Going to school
  • Graduating from school
  • Getting divorced
  • Health concerns
  • Career change
  • Menopause


Blessingway Ceremony: $75 ..... With BellyHenna for Mom: $100 ..... With BellyCasting for Mom: $125 ..... With BOTH: $150

Please contact us for more details.

Belly Casting

BellyCasts are done with plaster strips to cast a mold of your pregnant belly, usually during the third trimester. A bellycast once applied takes 45 minutes-1 hour to dry before being taken off. Once it's fully dry (after a few days) it can be painted, decoupaged, or even left plain.


Plain Bellycast:

$85 (this includes cost of supplies and a 20-min foot massage)

Decorated Bellycast:

$120 (discuss your decoration ideas with us! Can be decoupaged or painted)

Wombyn & Birth-Inspired Art & Jewelry

**Coming Soon!

Our resident doula is an artist of various mediums from clay sculpture to acrylic paint. She is also a jewelry maker and creates works of art that represent motherhood, the cycles of life and death, birth, the Divine, and more. 

Placenta Bowls 

We can also create personalized "Placenta Bowls" if you wish to hold your placenta during a lotus birth, or to keep for encapsulation or for personal practice/ritual, etc. This bowl can later be used for private "Moon Time" use or as a keep sake. More information can be provided upon request. Prices vary depending on artistic detail for each bowl. 

*Placenta Bowls/Cord burning bowls can be made to order and shipped long-distance.


Cord Burning

We can help instruct you on "cord burning" and if this is a procedure you'd like to perform with your family we can make bowls specifically just for cord burning. Cord burning is a practice used especially in third world countries to prevent tetanus infections in newborns, though this is something not common in countries such as America. Cauterizing the umbilical cord makes sure that nothing can get in or out and it has been shown to cause the cord to shrivel up and fall off sooner. It is done instead of the traditional "cutting of the cord".

*Placenta Bowls/Cord burning bowls can be made to order and shipped long-distance.

MythMending Sessions

**Coming soon!

Mythmending as taught by MamaMuse Midwife and Teirra Soul Owner, Krista Joy Arias. Based in Somatic Experiencing, Mythmending is a way of healing traumas, experiencing resolutions, and weaving your own myth tapestry. It is perfect for use during pregnancy to heal past traumas, birth or otherwise related, to keep those traumas from surfacing during delivery and potentially affecting the birth outcome. Much work can be done in just one session, but with any kind of therapy or healing treatment, things can take time (and more than one session).

            1-hour Session: $75

            5-Session Bundle: $295

With-Women Priestess Services

Aileen is also a practicing Priestess and can perform a birth dance for you upon request. Dance has been used for centuries to raise energy towards a certain goal. Birth dances raise energy to be directed towards a laboring woman to help facilitate calming, productive birthing energy and mentality. Birth dances can be performed on-site, or Aileen can contact other Birth Dancers to perform from their own locations while sending their energy to the birthing mother while she tends to her. *This can also be done long-distance for clients by our birth priestess. This service is performed for free but donations are welcome. More information can be provided upon request.

Other priestess services may include fertility/conception spell/charm, healthy pregnancy spells/rituals performed on behalf of the clients, talismans and charms made for clients for safe delivery, etc. Please contact Aileen with what you have in mind. Sliding scale for pricing. 

*This is also offered for long-distance clients.

Aileen can also help you to plan and/or perform a Blessingway and/or Placenta Ritual based around your family's personal belief system. If a Naming/Wiccaning ceremony is desired after the baby is born, she can help write up and facilitate the ritual. For more information please contact her.